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40 years of technical mastery : Expertise and Know-how at your service

  • Durable and financially independent : FML is a Family owned company since 1978
  • Qualified team : our expertly trained team is our force
  • Customer satisfaction and reliability : 70% of  our customers are loyal and we monitor an average rate of  20 % new customer every year.
  • Industrial machining material : we have years of experience working with a wide range of materials
  • Partnership : we provide our technical expertise on the choice of materials or the conception of products

Flexibility and reactivity  thanks to a light structure :

  • We can manage either standard or planned purchase orders, kanban orders with scheduled deliveries
  • We have the ability to assure emergencies in case of urgent needs
  • Lean Management :
    • Improving work process to minimize set-up times
    • SMED : to reduce the changeover times
    • Flow management : Delivery time optimization (just-in-time, kanban)

Versatility :

  • Our state of the art machinery and human abilities are adapted to meet the most demanding specifications
  • The variety of our machining material allows the manufacture of parts ranging from 2 to 50 in diameter, up to 800 mm in length, with cross-machining (C axis) and with tailstock.
  • Possibility of Sub-unit assembly on request.