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FML relocation

Customers satisfaction has always been at the heart of FML’s strategy. In order to reinforce this partnership and appreciate the continuous growth that FML has been experienced since several months, the company has moved last May 14th,  and joined S.D.M., another screw machining company owned by Kevin Gomez.

In addition to be a response to logistic and administrative issues, one place for the two companies is a chance for both to take advantage of a wider range of machinery with different capacities. Our production range is now extended and can provide a larger variety of products.

FML and SDM remain separate companies.

We kindly ask you to note our new address as follow :


370 Rue des Techniques

ZI des Prés Paris


Tél. 0033 450 98 08 49

And remind our mail addresses :

Kévin GOMEZ, President : k.gomez@fml-decolletage.com

Martine CARRE, Assistant Manager : m.carre@fml-decolletage.com

Franck ROBERT, Quality Manager : qualite@fml-decolletage.com

Do not hesitate to contact us.